Walk Down The Street

Robert Nix is a one man recording unit and currently has 3 albums released. Nix classify’s himself as a ‘rock/pop/experimental artist’as the songs he composes and records are in the rock/pop genre but they’re done in Nix’s own way which is why the term ‘experimental’ comes into play.

His albums contain songs that seem to cover all the bases,going from the basic human emotions that are as much part of us as our limbs to personal philosophy and social commentary to other interests that will surely engage the listener.

As a one man unit Robert Nix is wearing quite a few hats for just one head;Composer,Performer,Producer,and yes Recording Engineer as well and Nix greatly enjoys the incredible challenges of each respective role within the unit.

On his latest album Nix shot a video for the titlecut ‘Walk Down The Street’ aiming to bring home the theme of the song by vast amounts of walking down(and even up) the city streets and mixing in performance shots as well giving his fans and curiousity seekers a glimpse into the recording process as well.

Nix is living the composing life in every conscious and unconscious moment and gathering the realizations together for his next album;we don’t know when it’ll finished and we certainly can’t be sure of exactly what Nix has in store for us as the one man multi-hat wearing unit but one thing is for certain it’ll be damn good because the word compromise doesn’t exist to Robert Nix-it never did and it never will.

Written by: Robert Nix