Shed My Skin

The concept for “Shed My Skin” was written by Emily Nicholas (lead singer, Emily Danger), John Patrick Wells (director, art director, scenic design), and Doug Cheesman (screen play, producer). The song itself is about people using other people and resources both in a personal and political sense.

The fictional world of the “Dunce” mixed with shots of Emily Danger performing the song creates an alternate reality for the lyrics of the song to be central. “Does he work in oil? He must, he must.” is the chorus of the song and video.

Emily Nicholas draws inspiration for her lyrics from her own past, present struggles, news headlines, and observed experiences. “Shed My Skin” was written in 5 minutes on a Brooklyn bound F train in NYC. The band arranged their individual parts and the song remains one of their quickest and favorite compositions. The video echoes the darker concepts behind both the lyrics and the arrangements, switching between the band to the horrifying actions of the fictional characters.

At one time or another, we have all identified with the “Dunce”, however, we can also identify with the “King”; using resources and those around us to feed our own egos. Spiritual elements of sacrifice and hints of sexual deviance can also be seen throughout the video. Filming took three days and overall production took roughly a three months. John Patrick Wells designed and created the set, Garmnt styled the actors and band, and Shearwater Films acted as cinematographers and edited the video.

The background of the band scenes was created by sewing green fabric into “pillow like” structures, filling them with cotton, and placing lights in the center of each sculpture. The lights operated on dimmer switches, allowing the sculptures to “breathe” by pulsing the lights. Filming was done at Acting Out Theater in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. All special effects were live and produced by Doug Cheesman, John Patrick Wells, and Ryan Nearhoff (drummer, guitarist of Emily Danger). Presently, Emily Danger is playing throughout New York and the East coast, recording a full length album, and planning their next music video. For upcoming gigs, music, videos, and photos please visit Emily Danger Band or their Facebook page.