Do You Remember

This is the latest video/single, from the as yet untitled second album by David J Caron, who is causing a stir and attracting many new fans across many genres of music with his own newly invented genre of what he calls Metamorphic Rock Music.

A tongue-in -cheek response to the fact that he believes music is either good or not, irrespective of what label the media is forced to have to pigeon hole it as, so he invented one in which no-one else belongs.  His 28 track debut double album was released in March 2013.  It has received many great reviews as well as airplay in many countries worldwide.

He is currently Number 1 in the Reverbnation Rock charts for Ireland since before Christmas 2012 and has steadily gained over 100 thousand followers/fans in less than a year. You can see all of the 23 videos so far created of the 28 tracks off the album, 29 with the new single, and soon to be NEW Single “Claiming Victory” currently in production and available soon, on his new and engaging website at

This unique mixture of memorable guitar riffs, interlaces synth patterns, catchy melodies and meaningful inspiring metaphoric lyrics, in a new dimension and philosophy all of it’s own is different to anything you’ve heard before.  No stero-typically expected over-used Rock cliches.  No best songs, equivalents, comparables or sound-a-likes to list.  This disrupts the mainstream and slaps you in the face to take notice and listen instead of just hearing.

This video is presently just a lyrical video, letting the music speak for itself.  “Proper” videos as it were are in the pipeline as is a Live show, after the 2nd album has been completed.  This track was born out of a listing on a music licensing site looking for a track for a movie trailer that had the subject theme of how some things change while some will always stay the same, like old friendships perhaps.

David J Caron as usual put his own inimitable trademark stamp on this theme and “Do You Remember” was the outcome.  Many have suggested there also be a hidden background message in the lyric video, but one which over 16,000 youtube views so far have been able to decipher.  Whether there is or not is irrelevant.  Just listen.

All video editing, song-writing, production, performance, and instruments played on the album by David J Caron.