Why Do You Love Me?

Waves Of The Echo is an Indie pop band from Helsinki, Finland. We have been playing for about 3 years now and have had many gigs in Finland. Currently we are recording songs for our debut album with producer Karo Broman. Karo has small recording studio in Helsinki which is a very inspiring place to record music. In late October, we played a demo version for Why Do You Love Me to producer Karo and he said “guys we´re going to record this song right now”.

So we plugged in our Vox guitar amps and Juno-60 synth and recorded this song quite fast. After we recorded the song Why Do You Love Me, it was mixed in the studio and we thought that this could be cool song for a video. So we contacted our friend Ville who has directed many great music videos in Finland and started to work on the music video.

The video for Why Do You Love Me,  was shot in an almost a deserted industrial city called Harjavalta. The director, a Finnish rock star himself, Ville from Rairai knew the city and its corners and well hidden places.  He drove to Harjavalta with a mysterious horse rider Elli, and the bands singer, Rände on the coldest morning of the freezing Finnish winter of 2012.  In the 70´s many people from this city decided to go and find happiness somewhere else, even though there could have still been hope. This is also the story behind the music video.

In the song, the band had an idea of a ”New Order meets James Bond” kind of feeling, which the producer Karo Broman really could create. In the video, we wanted a more minimalism atmosphere and the Finnish winter seemed to be just right for it.  Rände had to walk hours and hours outside while a fierce icy wind was hitting him in the face. A line from the song ”Why do you love me, in all the wrong places?” seemed to really hit home after a few hours. Others from the band had a lot nicer day of shooting, while they could stay inside in warmth and focus on looking good.

Still, it wasn’t a bad day for the crew in Harjavalta either. All the citys inhabitants seemed to be very nice and hospitable. The owner of the horses, who can also been seen on the video, invited Ville, Rände and Elli in after a freezing shoot and made them huge sandwiches and warm cups of coffee.  I hope you like it!