When The Snow Breaks

This is the first video shot for The Bitter Selway’s newest EP entitled Cold As Numbers; a dark indie rock album led by front man, singer and song writer Nathan Brumley.  This track is called “When The Snow Breaks”-a well written story line based on the struggles of a man who retreats to the Rocky Mountains over a brutal winter to “find himself” after going through a series of trials and tribulations.

In the song he questions if the mountains really changed him into who he needed to be and whether he is this better man as a result of his circumstances.  The video was shot in Bellevue, TN in the winter month of January, 2012. Nathan is in the video, under the direction, production and and final edit by Josh Heisman.

The Bitter Selway is an indie rock band based out of Nashville, TN and brings in styles similar to the artists The Black Keys, The White Stripes and Grizzly Bear.

Nathan is a writer for the Songs Of Love Organization, which are songs for kids with terminal illnesses.

Nathan was also a second place overall winner in the 2009 USA Song Writing Competition & 1st place in Lyrics in 2012. He can be also found on a rock compilation album called “The Next Big Thing In Rock”, and 2009 achieve huge accolades for the album “Where You Move Me.”

His film placements include: The Young And The Restless, Life Unexpected, Surprise Homecoming,  and Nickelodeon’s Hollywood Heights, Palisades Pool Party.

Currently The Bitter Selway are promoting this latest record to college radio and indie blogs.  Nathan aims to get 2 of the songs on this EP into college radio rotation and continue to get exposure for this 5 song EP.

Nathan was very please the way this 5 song EP has turned out, and is very excited to perform these new tracks live, and get into making another video, which he thoroughly enjoyed.