Justin Biaggi, a native New Yorker, musical influences were many and varied ranging from doo-wop to rock and roll to swing and opera. His songwriting is characterized by catchy licks, thoughtful lyrics and musical and poetic energy. His sonic soundscapes resonate simplicity, energy and tragic balladeering. However, his talent is not limited to songwriting but as a vocalist he has range and a melodic falsetto. Justin’s goal is to “write songs dynamically in the same way we feel things dynamically.”

Originally, Justin Biaggi and the Hopeless Romantics was a New York City based band that played extensively throughout the city and the surrounding area. The bands music was featured on various radio stations and in a contest of 1500 bands from the USA, Canada and England, his band made it to the top three for a live audition with Steven Van Zandt of the E Street Band. The lead singer, songwriter and arranger for the band, Justin Biaggi decided to set out on his own and devote more time to his passion— songwriting, with the primary theme of his music being pop, rock and soul.

The song “Unstoppable” is about the power of one in overcoming obstacles, of being focused in achieving one’s goals which in effect makes the individual unstoppable. From the visual point of view, it was decided to just focus on one person, namely the singer/songwriter Justin Biaggi to portray that an individual has many facets. In essence everything one needs to survive and flourish is within them. All they have to do is tap into that force. From a strictly musical standpoint it was decided to showcase not only his abilities as a singer and songwriter but as a guitarist, keyboardist and drummer. That latter is the area that was his initial entry point into the world of music and is something he continues doing to this day.

For Justin,drumming exemplifies the beat, the rhythm and the energy of life so he enjoys it when asked to be the drummer for other artists performances. However, his major love and passion is and has always been songwriting.. Although “Unstoppable” is a high energy pop rock number his portfolio contains a variety of song genres. The You Tube video “Unstoppable” was filmed at Hayden 5 studios in New York city, It is starring Justin Biaggi and was directed by Todd Wiseman.

Currently, he is continuing to write songs for himself and other artists and is planning shows for the spring and summer in and around the New York city area.