Tanhayee is a reciprocal to the male version of the same song called Khamoshi. Tanhayee means Lonliness in Hindi / Urdu language. This song in itself is a journey about unfulfilled love and shattered dreams of two hearts.

The lyricist and singer is Jeyabargavi Govindh (Dubai), composer of this song is Mahesh Verma from Mumbai, Arranged and created by Jai Parthiv of Studio Unlugged Mumbai, Mixed and Mastered by Fransisco Nicolson Mumbai. The video if directed by a very well know Pakistani producer / Director Umair Shehzad, DOP is by Director Blessan Mathew Mohan, main screen lead is actor Karan Purohit and actress is Anjali Sharma. Make up and styling by Jeyabargavi Govindh. This video was shot in Dubai at Mr. Sathyan Vandotara’s bunglow.

My initial training was by my father who inspired me and supported in my musical journey all thru. My mother being a classical dancer has given me great understanding of various rythms. My grandmother a well known Andhra Pradesh All India Radio carnatic classical vocalist and veena artist also trained me for sometime in childhood. After a break of 12 years from music training, i took up serious vocal training under best gurus from India and Pakistan music industry.

Learning classical music at “Ajivasan” an institution run by of world’s renowned classical and bollywood singer Suresh Wadkar, vocal grooming under Pakistan and India’s renowned pop, filmi, ghazal & classical vocalist and music producer Sajjad Ali and also trained with Jogiraj Sikidar a well known classical and contemporary vocalist and musician in Dubai.

I am currently working on original single “Kajra Laganay Ayi” in collaboration with an Indian artist in Dubai Ms. Jayanti Suresh. This song has been produced by asia’s most popular and loved Pop legend Mr. Sajjad Ali. Also working on my own composition (not named yet) which is alsosoon to be released. I am also currently working on series of cover songs tributes to the most celebrated, popular and prominent music composers of India.