When The Snow Breaks

This is the first video shot for The Bitter Selway’s newest EP entitled Cold As Numbers; a dark indie rock album led by front man, singer and song writer Nathan Brumley.  This track is called “When The Snow Breaks”-a well written story line based on the struggles of a man who retreats to the Rocky […]

Girls Just Wanna Drink Beer

Girls Just Wanna Drink Beer is the line dance, beer drinking country hit song of the summer, written and performed by Lamon Records singer/songwriter Rose Angelica.  Rose came up with the song idea 35 years ago in college at The Ohio State University. “My girlfriends and I would all go to High St. on the […]

You Said, I Heard

This song is what kick started *AUDRA* and Chaser Eight’s career.  “You Said, I Heard”  was just an acoustic song that *AUDRA* used to play until it was discovered by director/producer/designer Alvin Garseeyuh.  Garseeyuh enjoyed the show so much that he wanted to produce a music video for a live band version of it.  This […]

Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough was released through Music Plant Group.  This song is about getting rid of all the negative energy and moving on to the positive.   I wanted to write an anthem about lying, rumors, negativity etc.  The talented Georgie Porgie wrote this song.   He did a great job and we share the same songwriting style. He […]


Nightmare Air from Los Angeles is a rock band fronted by the duo of Swaan Miller and Dave Dupuis with our debut album “High in the Lasers” out on March 19th, 2013 on Saint Marie Records. The video featured here for “Escape” is for the lead track for our upcoming album that was self-released as […]


Low is a song about being with a woman who’s great but a terrible love. A woman who is amazing in bed but who tears your heart apart at every opportunity. But far beyond that its about the dichotomous nature of life and the consequent disappointment of it– the low, low place you get when […]

My Sin

Jakob22 is a rapper, poet, street laureate, fiction writer, monster and so much more.  Throughout the Dreamstate series he has continued to weave all this together to carry us on a journey through his mind. It continues with the latest video from Dreamstate 2: The REM Effect “MY SINS” If you listen to Jakob22 you […]


This is the title track of our first album released by UK indie label Tabitha Records. CEO Graham Sclater signed us in late 2012 and since then we have had an amazing amount of exposure around the world.  We have rerecorded some of the tracks on the album acoustically and that has been a smooth […]

Sail To The Moon

“Sail To the Moon” was the first video we ever shot as a band, it was filmed on 2010 in a location called Malagueño near to our hometown, around 30 or 40 kilometers from Córdoba.  We met the directors Charly Toledo & Jorge Vega from Aldemoño Producciones Audiovisuales, a couple of times to brainstorm some […]


Justin Biaggi, a native New Yorker, musical influences were many and varied ranging from doo-wop to rock and roll to swing and opera. His songwriting is characterized by catchy licks, thoughtful lyrics and musical and poetic energy. His sonic soundscapes resonate simplicity, energy and tragic balladeering. However, his talent is not limited to songwriting but […]

Judgment Day

“Judgment Day” is an epic song and music video by independent country singer/songwriter Doreen Taylor. Shot in studio and on location in Los Angeles, CA directed and produced by cinematic visionary Nayip Ramos, the music video illustrates graphic and mesmerizing apocalyptic “end of the world” destruction highlighted by well crafted personal stories showcasing not only […]

Walk Forward In Motion

‘Walk forward in motion’ written and produced by Kiwi musician Phil Stoodley is accompanied by the enigmatic animation by Russian award winning director Andrey Shushkov. The video was adapted from the short film ‘Invention of love’ and re-edited by New Zealand director Miles Murphy. Lyrics in this electronic pop song guides us through the slight […]