Mike Squillante is a singer/songwriter native to New York. His last name, Squillante, literally translates to a “bell-like tone” or a “sound to rise above all others,” a quality which, in the old days of Italian opera, deemed certain opera singers “Squillantes.” At 22, Mike has performed one-on-one for grammy-winning artist John Mayer after being […]

Judgment Day

“Judgment Day” is an epic song and music video by independent country singer/songwriter Doreen Taylor. Shot in studio and on location in Los Angeles, CA directed and produced by cinematic visionary Nayip Ramos, the music video illustrates graphic and mesmerizing apocalyptic “end of the world” destruction highlighted by well crafted personal stories showcasing not only […]


Radiate Rick Denzien – Radiate In a sea of uncertainty, it is excellent to take a break and listen to some positive rock music. Rick Denzien has a song called, “Radiate” that has been consistently been a YouTube music video that I’ve been playing at least twice a day.  The song has solid lyrics, and the […]


Justin Biaggi, a native New Yorker, musical influences were many and varied ranging from doo-wop to rock and roll to swing and opera. His songwriting is characterized by catchy licks, thoughtful lyrics and musical and poetic energy. His sonic soundscapes resonate simplicity, energy and tragic balladeering. However, his talent is not limited to songwriting but […]

Find A Way

The music band The Trip recently teamed up with movie director Ash Baron-Cohen and headed to Sao Paulo, Brazil to shoot the music video to their single “Find A Way” off of their self-titled album “The Trip.” Ash Baron-Cohen, cousin of famous movie actor Sacha Baron-Cohen, aka Borat aka Ali G, followed a group of […]

Party Right

Known for a Caribbean, southern style of rap, Toronto born Uzman is creating his own lane in the hip-hop world. As an 80’s baby, Uzman has seen hip-hop evolve. He was around before the genre was respected and has followed it through the stages of becoming huge in the commercial market. His musical influences include […]

St Barth Song

The song was written back in 2006, after my first trip on the island of St Barth in the Carribean. The song showed much enthusiasm from the local and international audiences so it was only in the end of 2010 that “St Barth Song” was released as a “single” format CD, independently of record labels […]


Nightmare Air from Los Angeles is a rock band fronted by the duo of Swaan Miller and Dave Dupuis with our debut album “High in the Lasers” out on March 19th, 2013 on Saint Marie Records. The video featured here for “Escape” is for the lead track for our upcoming album that was self-released as […]

Walk Down The Street

Robert Nix is a one man recording unit and currently has 3 albums released. Nix classify’s himself as a ‘rock/pop/experimental artist’as the songs he composes and records are in the rock/pop genre but they’re done in Nix’s own way which is why the term ‘experimental’ comes into play. His albums contain songs that seem to […]

Daddy Cool

ThaCapitalE, born on the east coast of Canada in Saint John, NB, where big dreams and skills were developed. He began writing/recording/ and preforming his own music in the spring of 2009, excelling quickly he got the chance to put his skill to the test by sharing the stage with some well know artists such […]

Forbidden Pleasure

I’ve always been drawn to the “oldies”, music from the 50’s, 60, 70’s and 80’s.  This is when music was pure, inventive and untainted from our new friend auto-tune.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of today’s artists and music, but find myself listening to 80’s music and the oldies more often than […]

Why Do You Love Me?

Waves Of The Echo is an Indie pop band from Helsinki, Finland. We have been playing for about 3 years now and have had many gigs in Finland. Currently we are recording songs for our debut album with producer Karo Broman. Karo has small recording studio in Helsinki which is a very inspiring place to […]