Daddy Cool

ThaCapitalE, born on the east coast of Canada in Saint John, NB, where big dreams and skills were developed. He began writing/recording/ and preforming his own music in the spring of 2009, excelling quickly he got the chance to put his skill to the test by sharing the stage with some well know artists such […]

Forbidden Pleasure

I’ve always been drawn to the “oldies”, music from the 50’s, 60, 70’s and 80’s.  This is when music was pure, inventive and untainted from our new friend auto-tune.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of today’s artists and music, but find myself listening to 80’s music and the oldies more often than […]

Why Do You Love Me?

Waves Of The Echo is an Indie pop band from Helsinki, Finland. We have been playing for about 3 years now and have had many gigs in Finland. Currently we are recording songs for our debut album with producer Karo Broman. Karo has small recording studio in Helsinki which is a very inspiring place to […]

Do You Remember

This is the latest video/single, from the as yet untitled second album by David J Caron, who is causing a stir and attracting many new fans across many genres of music with his own newly invented genre of what he calls Metamorphic Rock Music. A tongue-in -cheek response to the fact that he believes music is either […]

The Bridge

The Bridge is a song by New Jersey Band Afterthem. Their music is self described as “Electro Grunge Funk”, a mix of Tripping Daisy, meets Ween, with a bit of Primus tucked in there amongst the new aged alternative funkadelic. The song is supposed to be about the perils of long term excessive drinking. Our  vocalist sings […]


Tanhayee is a reciprocal to the male version of the same song called Khamoshi. Tanhayee means Lonliness in Hindi / Urdu language. This song in itself is a journey about unfulfilled love and shattered dreams of two hearts. The lyricist and singer is Jeyabargavi Govindh (Dubai), composer of this song is Mahesh Verma from Mumbai, […]

Shed My Skin

The concept for “Shed My Skin” was written by Emily Nicholas (lead singer, Emily Danger), John Patrick Wells (director, art director, scenic design), and Doug Cheesman (screen play, producer). The song itself is about people using other people and resources both in a personal and political sense. The fictional world of the “Dunce” mixed with […]

The Humbling Hum

The Humbling Hum is a feeling; one that penetrates deeply, reminding us that we are part of something much larger and more powerful than ourselves. A spirit that resonates synchronously at frequencies high and low, yet will never be fully understood. Eerie like a foghorn in the distance; consoling (maybe?) like the knowledge that we […]

The Ballad of Billie and Bonnie

You know those corny country story-songs, featuring characters like Billy and Bonnie, and following them through a lifetime of high times and heartbreak? Now imagine that Billy and Bonnie come not from Texas but from Brighton, England (home town of Jaybeemusic), that the love story concerns a gay triangle, and that the characters in the […]

When The Snow Breaks

This is the first video shot for The Bitter Selway’s newest EP entitled Cold As Numbers; a dark indie rock album led by front man, singer and song writer Nathan Brumley.  This track is called “When The Snow Breaks”-a well written story line based on the struggles of a man who retreats to the Rocky […]

You Said, I Heard

This song is what kick started *AUDRA* and Chaser Eight’s career.  “You Said, I Heard”  was just an acoustic song that *AUDRA* used to play until it was discovered by director/producer/designer Alvin Garseeyuh.  Garseeyuh enjoyed the show so much that he wanted to produce a music video for a live band version of it.  This […]

Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough was released through Music Plant Group.  This song is about getting rid of all the negative energy and moving on to the positive.   I wanted to write an anthem about lying, rumors, negativity etc.  The talented Georgie Porgie wrote this song.   He did a great job and we share the same songwriting style. He […]