Party Right

Known for a Caribbean, southern style of rap, Toronto born Uzman is creating his own lane in the hip-hop world. As an 80’s baby, Uzman has seen hip-hop evolve. He was around before the genre was respected and has followed it through the stages of becoming huge in the commercial market.

His musical influences include Busta Rhymes and Notorious B.I.G.— Busta for his ability to remain consistent with his different style throughout his career despite the many changes of hip-hop and Notorious B.I.G. for his ability to move crowds with his punch line lyrics and how he throws in some Jamaican vibes.

As a witness the hip-hop genre going from a little known underground market, to literally being everywhere, he was inspired him to make his own unique style of the music. He started is rap career in the 90’s and after a few years, took a hiatus focusing on other ventures with several urges to return.

“I compare my sound to that of Sean Kingston. My style is not straight up Hip Hop. It is a different sound, yet it’s successful. People like it because I combine different genres into a unique but catchy sound.” The industry knows this sub genre as Reggae Fusion. Its done more on the hip hop edge though.

Uzman has been featured in several publications including The Trinidad Guardian, Barbados National News, and Hip Hop Weekly. He has his own label Beat Charge Inc and is looking to associate himself with party club life style brands and other groups that grind hard. Uzman will be releasing a new project soon and in the meantime will be dropping singles.

He had recently collaborated with Nappy Boy Recording artist Tay Dizm on a track called “M.I.A, soon to be dropping the remix to “Wine and Grind” and recently released “Party Right” music video. The original version of “Wine and Grind” peaked at number 8 on the Starfleet Music Pool. Uzman is also working on a tour throughout the Southeastern U.S or where ever else fans catch on to his unique catchy style.

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Written by: Uzman