My Sin

Jakob22 is a rapper, poet, street laureate, fiction writer, monster and so much more.  Throughout the Dreamstate series he has continued to weave all this together to carry us on a journey through his mind. It continues with the latest video from Dreamstate 2: The REM Effect “MY SINS”

If you listen to Jakob22 you will know of some of the twisted distorted things come from his alter ego ” The Fang” where Jakob has to then try to gain repentance for his crimes. The major difference is Jakob22 is now alone on this trek.  Jakob22 teams up again with PeepSho aka Gully Gates on this ride.  PeepSho displays his singing ability on the hook while also showing true MC’ing on his 3rd verse.

As we have always felt image is nothing in the real world of music Jakob22 has continued to remain masked for all public outings.  PeepSho agreeing with the mission has masked himself up as well to appear as Gully Gates.  Jakob22 continues to bring you through the world of nightmares and dreams, which is why you see things like the clown imagery.

My Sins was produced by 2Deep Productions.his video was self shot for Insomnia Music.  It was shot in various spots throughout Toronto.

My Sins comes from the album Dreamstate 2: THE REM EFFECT.

Jakob has just recently released the 3rd and final installment of the Dreamstate entitled The Dreamstate Part3 – THE FANG 22:21.

Featuring J Reno The Sadist,  Jnyce, Devilz-Speciez, Molly Gruesome VoodooMan, and Massace .  This album is also on the site available for free download.