Girls Just Wanna Drink Beer

Girls Just Wanna Drink Beer is the line dance, beer drinking country hit song of the summer, written and performed by Lamon Records singer/songwriter Rose Angelica.  Rose came up with the song idea 35 years ago in college at The Ohio State University.

“My girlfriends and I would all go to High St. on the weekends and drink pitchers of beer at Papa Joes our favorite college bar in Columbus, Ohio.  Whenever a guy would come up  and start hitting on us, we would say, “Leave us alone , we just wanna drink beer.”  That’s where this song came from!”

The music video was shot at the famous Spot Bar in Steubenville, Ohio.  This historic bar goes all the way back to the Dean Martin era of the 1930’s-40’s.  Dino would hang out here and drink, sing, dance and play cards before he left for NY and stardom.  It is also where the annual Dean Martin Festival is held every June.

“I put an ad in the local paper and invited everyone in the area to come and be in the video.  My friends are line dancing in it and 200 people showed up to sit in the back and drink beer.  All the men had to sit in the background, of course!”  Only 2 men are in the video, my friend’s son Billy who asks me for a light, and The Spot Bar owner Joe DiAlbert who serves me a beer.  It is truly a girls party song, but when I sing it in concert, all the men love it also.

Dave Moody president of Lamon Records Nashville was my producer and director and shot the music video.  He brought a crew of 5 people up to Ohio from Nashville and we shot the video in 6 hours.  We had so much fun making Girls Just Wanna Drink Beer!  As the night went on, we laughed more and more and drank so much beer, by the last take everyone was really having a good time.

Dave discovered me on internet radio in 2011.  He called me and offered me a 2 year record deal with Lamon Records.  I went to Nashville in April and recorded an EP of 4 songs that I wrote.  Since then I have been performing all over the midwest and the south and everyone loves my music.  My songs are all written from the heart.  You can purchase my cd and music video from Lamon, and my cd at iTunes, Amazon, CD Universe and many other record outlets.  I am currently working on a new music video, children’s book called THE WISH.  Look for it in stores next fall.