Turn to Silver

Matt Eugene (Leger) from Moncton, NB, Canada is an acoustic rock artist. With his smooth and intimate one of a kind sound, he has grown into his solo singer songwriter style starting out in the late 90s in local bands with many roles as rhythm guitarist, bass player, and occasionally percussion. His influences are far and wide […]

Sweet Kay

This music video depicts singer / drummer Jackslacks as a member of Southern California rockabilly band Hot Rod Lincoln along with mates Buzz Campbell (guitar/vocals) and Johnny D’Artenay (bass/vocals). The band did pretty well regionally in SD, LA and SF, and opened for a who’s who of talented rockabilly, swing and roots rock groups including […]


Mike Squillante is a singer/songwriter native to New York. His last name, Squillante, literally translates to a “bell-like tone” or a “sound to rise above all others,” a quality which, in the old days of Italian opera, deemed certain opera singers “Squillantes.” At 22, Mike has performed one-on-one for grammy-winning artist John Mayer after being […]


Radiate Rick Denzien – Radiate In a sea of uncertainty, it is excellent to take a break and listen to some positive rock music. Rick Denzien has a song called, “Radiate” that has been consistently been a YouTube music video that I’ve been playing at least twice a day.  The song has solid lyrics, and the […]


Nightmare Air from Los Angeles is a rock band fronted by the duo of Swaan Miller and Dave Dupuis with our debut album “High in the Lasers” out on March 19th, 2013 on Saint Marie Records. The video featured here for “Escape” is for the lead track for our upcoming album that was self-released as […]

Walk Down The Street

Robert Nix is a one man recording unit and currently has 3 albums released. Nix classify’s himself as a ‘rock/pop/experimental artist’as the songs he composes and records are in the rock/pop genre but they’re done in Nix’s own way which is why the term ‘experimental’ comes into play. His albums contain songs that seem to […]

Do You Remember

This is the latest video/single, from the as yet untitled second album by David J Caron, who is causing a stir and attracting many new fans across many genres of music with his own newly invented genre of what he calls Metamorphic Rock Music. A tongue-in -cheek response to the fact that he believes music is either […]

Shed My Skin

The concept for “Shed My Skin” was written by Emily Nicholas (lead singer, Emily Danger), John Patrick Wells (director, art director, scenic design), and Doug Cheesman (screen play, producer). The song itself is about people using other people and resources both in a personal and political sense. The fictional world of the “Dunce” mixed with […]

You Said, I Heard

This song is what kick started *AUDRA* and Chaser Eight’s career.  “You Said, I Heard”  was just an acoustic song that *AUDRA* used to play until it was discovered by director/producer/designer Alvin Garseeyuh.  Garseeyuh enjoyed the show so much that he wanted to produce a music video for a live band version of it.  This […]