Tanhayee is a reciprocal to the male version of the same song called Khamoshi. Tanhayee means Lonliness in Hindi / Urdu language. This song in itself is a journey about unfulfilled love and shattered dreams of two hearts. The lyricist and singer is Jeyabargavi Govindh (Dubai), composer of this song is Mahesh Verma from Mumbai, […]

When The Snow Breaks

This is the first video shot for The Bitter Selway’s newest EP entitled Cold As Numbers; a dark indie rock album led by front man, singer and song writer Nathan Brumley.  This track is called “When The Snow Breaks”-a well written story line based on the struggles of a man who retreats to the Rocky […]

Walk Forward In Motion

‘Walk forward in motion’ written and produced by Kiwi musician Phil Stoodley is accompanied by the enigmatic animation by Russian award winning director Andrey Shushkov. The video was adapted from the short film ‘Invention of love’ and re-edited by New Zealand director Miles Murphy. Lyrics in this electronic pop song guides us through the slight […]


Justin Biaggi, a native New Yorker, musical influences were many and varied ranging from doo-wop to rock and roll to swing and opera. His songwriting is characterized by catchy licks, thoughtful lyrics and musical and poetic energy. His sonic soundscapes resonate simplicity, energy and tragic balladeering. However, his talent is not limited to songwriting but […]

Find A Way

The music band The Trip recently teamed up with movie director Ash Baron-Cohen and headed to Sao Paulo, Brazil to shoot the music video to their single “Find A Way” off of their self-titled album “The Trip.” Ash Baron-Cohen, cousin of famous movie actor Sacha Baron-Cohen, aka Borat aka Ali G, followed a group of […]

Why Do You Love Me?

Waves Of The Echo is an Indie pop band from Helsinki, Finland. We have been playing for about 3 years now and have had many gigs in Finland. Currently we are recording songs for our debut album with producer Karo Broman. Karo has small recording studio in Helsinki which is a very inspiring place to […]


This is the title track of our first album released by UK indie label Tabitha Records. CEO Graham Sclater signed us in late 2012 and since then we have had an amazing amount of exposure around the world.  We have rerecorded some of the tracks on the album acoustically and that has been a smooth […]

A Dream

Timothy Dean is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA, by way of Pittsburgh, PA. Timothy is a soulful vocalist whose music and lyrics come from the heart. In keeping with his diligent attitude, Timothy released his debut single ‘ A Dream’ and the music video within the same week. His music has […]

Exotic Celebration

This video is the fifth single taken from my album Mister E and the song is about the fun of life and how celebrations can bring people together. Bruno Leto appears in the video as Vecto, Stephanie Tremblay as Queen Viaba, David Bertet as Vesto, Kymara Kia Lee as Empress Mialona and Daniele Ducharme as […]