The Humbling Hum

The Humbling Hum is a feeling; one that penetrates deeply, reminding us that we are part of something much larger and more powerful than ourselves. A spirit that resonates synchronously at frequencies high and low, yet will never be fully understood. Eerie like a foghorn in the distance; consoling (maybe?) like the knowledge that we […]

The Bridge

The Bridge is a song by New Jersey Band Afterthem. Their music is self described as “Electro Grunge Funk”, a mix of Tripping Daisy, meets Ween, with a bit of Primus tucked in there amongst the new aged alternative funkadelic. The song is supposed to be about the perils of long term excessive drinking. Our  vocalist sings […]

Sail To The Moon

“Sail To the Moon” was the first video we ever shot as a band, it was filmed on 2010 in a location called Malagueño near to our hometown, around 30 or 40 kilometers from Córdoba.  We met the directors Charly Toledo & Jorge Vega from Aldemoño Producciones Audiovisuales, a couple of times to brainstorm some […]

Selling Soul

This song selling soul was filmed live in Glasgow around 3am on a Friday night.  The audio was live and done in one take. The song itself selling soul is about alcoholism and battling with drink from a personal  background which i have seen create many problems. The rap at the end is basically saying […]

The Ballad of Billie and Bonnie

You know those corny country story-songs, featuring characters like Billy and Bonnie, and following them through a lifetime of high times and heartbreak? Now imagine that Billy and Bonnie come not from Texas but from Brighton, England (home town of Jaybeemusic), that the love story concerns a gay triangle, and that the characters in the […]


Low is a song about being with a woman who’s great but a terrible love. A woman who is amazing in bed but who tears your heart apart at every opportunity. But far beyond that its about the dichotomous nature of life and the consequent disappointment of it– the low, low place you get when […]