Sail To The Moon

“Sail To the Moon” was the first video we ever shot as a band, it was filmed on 2010 in a location called Malagueño near to our hometown, around 30 or 40 kilometers from Córdoba.  We met the directors Charly Toledo & Jorge Vega from Aldemoño Producciones Audiovisuales, a couple of times to brainstorm some ideas. A month later with a story board, location and a crew, we were all set to start the footage. Equipment packed and loaded in two Volkswagen vintage vans and a 10 member crew, exceeded by far our humble low budget garage band expectations, truth be said.

We were really surprised and flattered by how committed these people were on putting our video together. Exactly the sort of imput you needed to start believing that your art is worth something. We got the first shots, the ones on the road with the 68 Dodge Polara, property of our bass player Cesar on a really cold saturday morning.

By the time we got most of the road scenes ready, we headed to the next location, scenes taking place in a little forrest, to be again surprised by these three passionate guys who took three hours to put a gigantic nest together. The original plan was “one day shooting” in a day, but the season´s short days pushed us elsewise.

We had to reschedule some footage for a week later. Luckily the nest and our crew´s engineering skills did not let us down and 7 days later the nest was still intact and waiting for us. We got all the shots of the band playing done, and later that day we did all the shots involving our disguised “Birdman” (actually a double of the one from the week before who this time could not fit the footage in his amateur actor´s packed schedule).

A few month laters, like 12 months post production later, we got our first video in hand; we are really happy with it, and it really shows how much effort was behind it, we really have to thank all the people from Aldemoño, we really owe you guys!

Right now our band is taking a little time off, writing some new songs, and planning the year ahead; but mainly reloading batteries to put all our effort on our second album release entitled “Fire” , to be out by mid. March 2013 thru Metronomo Music / Sony Music Argentina.