Selling Soul

This song selling soul was filmed live in Glasgow around 3am on a Friday night.  The audio was live and done in one take. The song itself selling soul is about alcoholism and battling with drink from a personal  background which i have seen create many problems.

The rap at the end is basically saying that music is the only great communicator and understanding of life.  Music is in the air.

The video was filmed by Colin Cummingham who is a bass player in a band called wolfstone he is actualy quite new to making videos.  It is all done with looping which recently i have just done the worldwide looping comp. I was a finalist in the UK heat in birmingham at the jam house.

Looping allows me to be an entertaining solo act and stand out from all your other song writers. I can layer harmonys,bass lines and rythms.  I can drum on the guitar and create beats aswell as beatbox. I am currently working on recording demos where i have just set up a studio with my friend.

The tracks are very electronic and dance.

So i am sending all my new materiel too Steven Machat and a big name in showbiz and also the author of gods,gangsters n honour which is a great book about the music indsutry.

I am hoping in time  that i will be heading to Miami or LA to record, tour and get rolling properly that’s the plan but time will tell.

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Written by: Andrew Norquay