The Bridge

The Bridge is a song by New Jersey Band Afterthem. Their music is self described as “Electro Grunge Funk”, a mix of Tripping Daisy, meets Ween, with a bit of Primus tucked in there amongst the new aged alternative funkadelic.

The song is supposed to be about the perils of long term excessive drinking.

Our  vocalist sings with an intentional flat quality to understate the sadness of taking the path toward alcoholism.

Josh Allman was hired to produce the video for the song.  His instructions were to pick a song and he could have total artistic freedom in creating the video.  Although nothing in the video reflects anything about alcoholi.  He did a nice job syncing images with the music.

Josh originally wanted to film men living under a bridge but we advised him not to, as we thought that sounded like it could get a little messy.

The scene is set somewhere in Rhode Island, U.S.A.  The main character (and his robot) are killing time wandering about.   Intermittent flashes of visual effects and images, transitioned to music  in some sort of seven time signature, choppily syncopated  giving an underlying feeling of unrest.

On second thought.  Some of the images could be perceived as what the main character sees after taking several sips of his spiced rum or whatever he is drinking.

One of the lyrics.  ”Raise a glass boy…To dreams that last boy,”  implies that the dreams will not be realized as a result of heavy drinking.”

Other brain storming brought upon the scope of the actors engaging in the famous Captain Morgan pose, but Josh felt it would run the risk of glorify partying as Captain Morgan  is known to do.

The video is likable, and serves as a sufficient vehicle to get Afterthem’s  music out into the social network.