The Other Side of the Moon

The Other Side of the Moon

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While putting together songs with my writers for my first debut album, my sister had passed away from a sudden stroke. Larry Migilore with Brave the Storm Music, from upstate New York sent me a wonderful ballad he wrote in memory of his mother.

This song spoke to me so we cut a deal to record this song and release it as a single off of my album. It was a very emotional time and hard to get through the filming as I must have cried buckets of tears before they got the money shot.

The video was filmed outside of Nashville TN at the Liberty Art’s Theatre and made for the perfect setting for this song. Take 8 Films shot the video over the course of 4 days and wrote the story line about the wife and daughter that passed on.

A True Hollywood Veteran, Julian Chojnacki’s 35 years spent in Arts & Entertainment have gifted him with diverse talents as Director, Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Master Steadicam Operator, Underwater Operator and 3D Camera Operator; as well, Writer & Editor, all which have successfully contributed to his innovative style in Film, television & Music Video.

We have received many emails from viewers about how this video had touched them in a very special way, and to me that’s what music is all about.

Sometimes we all just need a good cry. There are many other great songs on this debut album project, but I wanted to dedicate this one to my sisters memory.

Make Me Happy

Make Me Happy

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The artist in this video is Radical of rtribe. This video was kind of reflecting back on unity and love that I once had.

With certain loved ones and the world itself, the way I came up with the concept for the song and video was pretty easy.

I was on youtube watching what the American soldiers had to say after returning from the experience that they had in other countries.

Some of them had different things to say as to what we have been told by the media, and that’s why, I have the voice overs of different individuals on the hook

Some of the soldiers did not seem happy about what they had done, and some actually shed tears and apologized on cam.

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From some of them, I got the title Make Me Happy from just seeing them unhappy. Many of them seemed as if they needed someone to talk to and express things so that  where my first line started.

Must I remind people that I did not base the whole song on these military soldiers, some lyrics were my own experience and from those around me.

People from different backgrounds being separated into groups and to me it
kind of seems like the worlds falling apart.

In this video you will see Radical, Rcase, and asher of rtribe.

We are currently working individually on our own things, Rcase is pursuing a career in fashion and, asher in media and graphics design and me Radical still trying to break into the music industry

I have a lot of unreleased music and projects that need to be released and I know with the right support I can have a big impact and change a lot within the music industry.

Three Words

Three Words

‘Three Words’ music video is Sir. O’s first music video. It was filmed in Ya’ad, – his hometown in the Galilee region in Israel.

This video shows his long journey for finding his love.  He walks in the forests, climbing up the hill just to have a chance to say “I love you”. Watch closely and wait for a surprising ending!

Sir. O (aka. Saar Oron) was born in 1991. He was brought up in Israel in a lovely small community called “Ya’ad”.

He picked up the guitar at the age of 11 and penned his first song only 2 years later.

Between 2006-2011 he performed on many Israeli local stages, and released a self-produced indie EP.

Sir. O has moved to London, UK in late 2012. The reason behind his relocation was “very natural” in his words, as he described: “my parents have always listened to British bands such as Queen, Alan Parsons Project, Supertramp etc. when I was a child and I am a huge Britpop fan.”

His debut Three-track EP, ‘Someone You’re Thinking Of’ was released in April 2013. It was Written and recorded in the hills overlooking the Sea of Galilee, alongside producer Yogev Samina.

Sir. O’s debut single ‘Please Stop Talking’ was released in late September 2013.

His songs are played on many radio station in over 15 different countries, including BBC London.

He played stunning gigs in London venues such as O2 Islington, Brixton Jamm and many more.

His influences are: Oasis, Travis, The Verve, Suede, Paul Weller, Kasabian, Air, Ryan Adams.

Sir. O’s debut album, “Forever plus a day” will be released in 2014.


Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors

Ecam Entertainment and Zack Knight have released a new single alongside it a new video with a real shock value. The song itself has a pulsating rhythm from the drum section, and Ecam Entertainment’s cinematic s well known and infectious a song that combines many genres such as Hip Hop and R&B with Dance and Tribal.

The music video is a creation of ecam entertainment which is also directed by them, is a follow up from their previous video Runaway Now and have again produced an imaginative and very interesting piece of art. The video introduces a new look for the artist Zack Knight and takes the viewer through a journey of elegant and cultural performance pieces, with ballet and contemporary dance and also tribal and mysterious imagery.

It is filled with striking, artistic and cinematic scenes with smoke filled stunning shots and extreme close ups that relate to the lyrics as the illusions that the song mentions. The music video includes various effects that play on the mind and contains lyrics scrolling along the screen encouraging the listener to sing along.

Together Ecam Entertainment and Zack Knight leave us with a very impressive and entertaining visual experience. They are continuing to release meaningful material with their songs containing profound content that set them in a league of their own and they are to release more new material in the new year including a forthcoming EP.

Pretty Baby

Pretty Baby

Vonngaishe a solo artist, has been singing for as long as she can remember. “I guess its time I stepped out,” she said.

She has so far done surprise performances at clubs and party’s where there was amazing responses towards her performances and for the cd.  It prompted her to release it, and immediately begin working on promoting it.

The album comprises of 7 tracks, with some tracks having a live instrument feel (U N I R anti gravity), some with an electronic feel (baby gimme that, acting stupid right now), some Party tracks and some slow ballads like (Be my friend). Altogether its definitely a mind blowing experience.

Her first single, Pretty baby is an upbeat mind blowing pop track, its one of those few tracks you’ll ever hear, where not only will you bump on nod to the track or just dance to it, you will also be able to relate to it and understand it.

It talks in a way about the cliché of being so near but yet so far. No matter how hard you try, you just seem more and more in it for the money.

At the beginning of the video you see her seeming dazed, then as the beat or life goes on you see her change to trying everything.  I mean in this video she is the singer, she the guitarist, she is the drummer she is the whole band.

Yet even still, its not enough because as you watch on, you will always feel something is missing or needs fixing or just needed.  Of course its not okay for everyone on the outside but for her it has to be!

You’ll see the wrong guitar and her positioning being wrong for the mic at times and other errors. She’s just got to dance it out real hard.

The V Behavior 0,5 the debut from Vonngaishe is finally out, question being why half? She responded in her own words “I just preferred to release a pre-experience and prepare both personally and financially for the full experience while learning from the journey. I do believe in me and I want to be ready to do it right, and be the best that I can be, and grow, after all there would really be nothing worse than disappointing myself.”



This November 1st at 8:00 PM Luminara disseminates through cyber networks and on Luminara Music, the official launching of their First Music Video entitled Vida, song that is included in their first musical production called Otra Realidad “Another Reality”.

In addition to being chosen as the theme song to convey their message of the value of life itself, it is also the main subject and the beginning of an initiative to create an Indie educational campaign that deals with the topic of “childhood and adolescent depression,” a social issue which has limited information and started to gain importance in 1970.

Luminara’s lead voice Dvy tells us: “Luminara is ‘musical clarity’ and one of our goals is to share messages that can help raise awareness. Being a musician in this era is a big responsibility and we must help foster the growth of humanity. Think about it, with just the artistic creation and exposure of a topic in a song, if we choose the wrong message it could destroy, but Luminara has chosen instead to build.”

We have chosen to speak openly about child and adolescent depression because it is a topic that many are afraid to speak about.  It is a taboo subject to many and even doctors have told us that some parents do not want to accept that it can happen to their child. With the initiative of creating this educational campaign we learned a lot and discovered various support groups and therapies free of charge to treat depressions that people do not know exist in children.

We want people to know that we will be using a section of our official website to provide information about the topic. Vida is not just a song, it is a movement! If as an Indie band we have reached this point…imagine what we could accomplish together!

Vida was created under the direction of young Puerto Rican filmmaker, Federico Torres and the support of the Municipality of Moca. It has special appearances of Elmer Perez, Elena Sofia, Kimberly Garcia and Luminara, along with actors of AEDE and Stage Ballet dancers. The music video is full of inspiring messages and beautiful landscapes that were fully recorded on the grounds of the Castillo Labadie in Moca, Puerto Rico.

Another Day in Manila

Another Day in Manila

This is a travelogue in a song. I used to travel a lot, and the scenes described in the song are the scenes I notice when coming back from a trip  — traffic, jitneys, billboards, children playing on muddy streets, street food  — no scenes of these sort in the US, or Europe!

So we collected these “daily life scenes”, gave it a sense of rhythm and interspersed the band’s rehearsal, gig and recording video clips. The street drummer on the jeepney- the first image seen, was a lucky catch, and fitted in very well with the song’s snare drum fill “call-to-arms” intro.

Through this kind of chaos, any sense of peace and harmony has to be internal, something you take along before venturing out! This is the kind of “peace, love and harmony” that you take along, and hopefully spread out to people you meet.

The song itself pays tribute to the band’s biggest influences. The title and song concept from Paul McCartney (“Another Day”). The middle portion is a tribute to the Beatles’ Abbey road, one of the best albums of all time -the coming of the sun (or the sun king?) is deeply rooted in Beatles mythology. The beat is also a mutation of the pseudo calypso beat of “I Feel Fine”.

We feel that this song best represents the band — our musical influences; and the place where we come from.

One Moment

One Moment

The song “One Moment” is the first single from Darius’s debut album “Like”. Picking this song to be the first single would introduce Darius as not just another singer, but as an artist with his own craft in music. With just a simple acoustic guitar lead and a melody of strings in the background “One Moment” shows off Darius’s voice performance first,  the music second.

The music video is a visual caption of Darius thinking about that one person he truly cares about and would like to be with but cannot due to many circumstances. The song really tries to connect with the audience, most people have had that first love, we would do anything to be with. If you never had that first love, the video gives you a what if scenario, what would you do if you had one moment with that special someone. It gives people a short and sweet thought on love, loneliness, wanting and what if’s.

The video was directed by Darius himself, with the help of his music label team at NDD Productions. The plot of the video was originally supposed to be filmed on the beach, but the team thought it was unoriginal. So back in the thought processes Darius thought of just some simple shots inside a fancy home.

In the beginning of the video we see Darius writing in a journal, expressing his feelings. The opening lyric to the video is “I built a sandcastle for you on the beach, then i tore it down cause i new you’ll never see it”. As Darius looks out of the window wondering what it would be like to have just one moment with that special person.With the black and white visual we wanted to clearly display that not every situation in love or in life is black and white.

In the middle of the video we see him sitting, then a moon appears in the sky, this explains the loneliness in the song and how the moon can sometimes be your only friend. We wanted to capture the moon in the day time because most relate to seeing the moon at night, it was a cool scene to capture in the moment. It then peers off to a bird flying away, this implies wanting to be free as a bird, with no barriers to hold you back.  His debut album entitled “Like” was released in July, 2013.

With a twist of lovable Pop & R&B tunes to the sounds of the electric guitar, Darius’s style and voice is unique and different in today’s world of pop music. Releasing the first single off the album “One Moment” he sends you off into a world of melodies and emotion.



Steamy an R&B/Hip Hop artist From Canada has just released his new single Waiting; this catchy sensual song has an equally captivating video.

The single Waiting showcases Steamy Natural songwriting and singing abilities, Steamy expresses his affection for a special woman in this smash hit.

The video showcases a very sexy lady going about her daily routine as she starts her day in the gym. Her stunning looks and amazing body captivate both men and women, we see men approach and gawk at her throughout her daily activities.

It is very clear she is a major distraction wherever she goes. Steamy is at a photo shoot for his single release taking pictures with a few models, he can not believe his eyes as a sexy women enters the shoot. Steamy is immediately distracted and can’t keep his hands or eyes of her.

The video was filmed in Toronto the 12 hour shoot saw three different locations. The Fitness Center was a major sponsor of the project; Yorkville ave was the second location. The high-end neighborhood helped paint a visual representation fitting for the video.

The video was a full cast our main model played by Tara Elizabeth did an amazing job. Background actors Rohit Myadam, Scott Milton, Michael Sealey, Winston Johnson, Kimmy Kim, Tee Campbell, Claudia Lozano, Facundo Campos and Rodrigo were a huge part of the video success. It would not be possible without the help of these amazing actors and models. Director Jason Baskey did a phenomenal job, his vision and knowledge is very apparent in how cinematic Steamy’s first video turned out.

Steamy is currently performing locally in Canada future international dates will be announced on his website at Steamymuzic.

Steamy is working on having his debut album ready for early 2014, his single waiting is on ITunes and you can actively find him promoting his music on many social networks.

I Know 2 Notes

I Know 2 Notes

Ben Franklin once said that from modest origins comes greatness. On second thought, it might have been Whitney Houston that said it, either way it’s true. And it’s never been more true than with this track that owes as much to Chinese-made electronics and thin walls as it does to the talent of the three members of Cracker Factory.

Some number of years ago Cracker Factory guitarist and lead-singer R.L. Heyer had arrived early to practice and was messing around with an old Casio drum-machine, a toy he’d unearthed in a thrift-store bin and had since become enamored with. In the rehearsal room next door a drone-metal string quartet was warming up, and through the too-thin walls came a two-note bass line plodding steadily on and on. And on and on. And on and on.

When the others arrived, the bass still trucking, the band took up their instruments and jammed along to the two notes bleeding through the walls. A minute or so later someone added the first sarcastic refrain: “I know two notes/and these are them/I play them over and over again.”

Thus was born this unshakable ear-bug with its infectious 8-bit groove. The band recorded the song and buried it deep in the brilliance of their sophomore album Mouth Breather, a layered and complex record that proves the chops of these hard-working and talented musicians. But amongst all the stellar tracks, I Know Two Notes is the one you can’t shake loose.

I can’t imagine a better showcase for this song than the inspired video from visual artist Andrew Woods. Woods crafts a bleak reflection on his own work as a video-game artist, a tale of digital characters through the ages who experience joy or sorrow, life or death, merely to satisfy the fickle desires of video-gamers.

Our heroes are re-animated versions of three skulls that comprise a classic piece of Cracker Factory promo-art. They quest for meaning in a world devoid of it, dance-battling their way through a sampling of retro video-game tropes, squaring off ultimately with a seemingly unbeatable boss.

In the closing moments, when all seems lost, the trio discover that through the triumph of teamwork and the unstoppable power of rock they may finally shape their own destiny.

Watch it. Hear it. Never stop humming it.

About the Director

Andrew is a console-video-game animator by day and a part-time musician by night. During his bus-commute, he roughs-in audio mixes and tackles various composition, design, and art projects, including this video.

Shapes and Fake Design

Shapes and Fake Design

Atlas founders, Jon Miller and Mike Slobodian, met while performing with another group known as The Two Steps. Throughout the process of releasing two albums and traveling on several DIY tours the two men wanted to take musical ventures in another direction.  They were searching for a new sound, attempting to get away from the Alt-country vibe of “The Two Steps” Slobodian and Miller acquired rock drumming powerhouse, Nick McCall.  McCall was a man behind the beats for the notable band The Saturn Five.

Nick’s innovative percussion gave the then three piece band a solid foundation to stand on. In the fall of 2010, the band headed to Treelady Studios with New York City music producer Gilbert Ott III (Phoenix, Anberlin) to record their debut album.  At the time Miller and Slobodian were sharing the duties of Lead and Rhythm as well as bass guitar.  Miller was fronting the band as the lead singer but was itching to focus on being the bands multi-instrumentalist.

In the spring of 2011, Miller went to see the local Pittsburgh act “Ready Room”   Ready Room’s front man and bassist was Eric Emerson from Baltimore Maryland of the band “The Frauds” After being completely blown away by Eric’s performance with Ready Room, Atlas set out to acquire Eric as their full time bassist and future front man. With the lineup now complete, in the spring of 2011 the debut E.P. titled “Atlas” was released.

Throughout the next year the band played shows throughout the East Coast and Mid-West, slept on floors and the side of the road, performed at every opportunity they could, from basements, to bars to festivals, Atlas became a full time job.  In the summer of 2012, drummer Nick McCall decided it was time to take his life in a different direction.  He fell in love with the upper West Coast and dreamed of moving to an area in a cooler climate where he could pursue snowboarding.

The search for McCall’s replacement had begun.  Atlas held a month of auditions to find the man who take over the rhythm section.  Atlas’s new drummer would end up being Scottish born Graeme Louden.

It was time to put their past success and failures behind them and move on. The new four piece went back to the drawing board and started to write. Shortly after, they went into pre-production on what become their second release.

In January of 2013, Atlas released their sophomore album, “Shapes.” Prior to the release, Atlas performed live on air for Clear Channel’s 102.5 WDVE and 105.9 and were featured on iHeartRadio. The music video is for the opening song on the album, “Shapes and Fake Designs”. The live performance was filmed and recorded at Atlas’ sold out CD release party, a meteor shower and while driving through their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA by Joseph Stammerjohn. Not only is Stammerjohn a good friend of Atlas, but he is the owner and director of Eyes to the Sky films, based in Pittsburgh.

Atlas is currently traveling the east coast in support of their new album with stops in, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and neighboring states. Along with touring the coast, Atlas has not stopped writing and collaborating. Atlas plans to go into pre-production starting in the Fall of 2013 and debuting their third album in early 2014. Keep your ears peeled for more details, but in the meantime check out Atlas Sounds.



Arsena Schroeder is an acoustic soul singer-songwriter based in Charlotte, NC. She’s been critically reviewed as the next Alicia Keys and has become a household name in her hometown of Charlotte, NC. Arsena got her start in music in the fall of 2009 while living on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Shortly after, she began playing in coffee shops, pubs, art crawls and has since then been allotted the opportunity to do music full-time.

It’s only right her first official video, Manna, was shot in her hometown Charlotte, NC by the amazingly talented Heather Shelton (formerly of Halogen TV). The single, Manna, is a song of faith, question, and contemplation written impromptu by Arsena Schroeder in the summer of 2013. After playing at a coffee shop that requested “Christian music only”. Arsena found herself free-styling and creating songs live and impromptu when she ran out of “Christian” material. The new single, Manna, is one of her infamous free-styled songs.

Recorded in Concord, NC and co-produced with Pattrick McKenna, Manna has been reviewed as a catchy song that will have you singing for days. The song’s focus is viewing God as a provider and trusting that He can supply your everyday needs. This is a motto Arsena has had to live by as her and her husband live as freelancers in their respective careers. “It’s a huge leap of faith but He never dissapoints” she says.

Shots in the video take place in Charlotte, NC at the infamous intersection of Trade and Tryon in uptown Charlotte, on the new Light Rail system, at Freedom Park, and various places common to the Charlotte native. The message of the video is clear, “follow your passion”. Believe it or not the video details Arsena’s experience on American Idol where she advanced one round before being eliminated. In this video, after being eliminated, Arsena finds inspiration to continue on with music in the streets of uptown Charlotte.

It’s a vibrant video that is the launching pad for many more to come. Arsena just finished up a North East Tour and is scheduled to tour Europe in the near future. Follow Arsena and her music as she continues to tour nationally and prepares to tour internationally. Her single and recent release, The Abundantly EP, is available on iTunes TODAY!

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